About Us

There are herbs that treat not only the disease, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Long ago proven medicinal herbs can be very effective, and we want to share all this knowledge with you, dear readers!

“Wonder Gardens” is a project created by people who understand how important it is to save and share information about all the diversity of the flora surrounding us.

The profit of many plants of our planet have long been proven by scientists – they are used in medicine, cosmetology and other industries. Chinese medicine uses more than 1500 plants. Even the most ancient people-the Sumerians (who lived in the third millennium BC) used herbs in medical infusions. This is evidenced by archeologists, who found tablets with 15 healing infusions of herbs in the excavations of the Sumerian settlement.

We hope that the information provided by Wonder Gardens will help in many aspects of your life, and will guide you through the backstage of the wonderful world of the flora.

Thank you for staying with us!)