Amygdalin – a cure for cancer? Or a well-promoted brand?

In this article we will talk about the sensational vitamin that is constantly being discussed by people – B17, which, according to some sources, is capable of killing cancer. True or fiction? Let’s discuss!

B17. The emergence and the following history

Vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin or laetrile) is an organic compound, almond acid nitrile genibiozide, glycoside.

  • Vitamin B17 was first found in almond nuts in the second half of the 19th century and was given the name Amygdalin.
  • Laetrile is the name of a chemical drug. It contains recycled peeled amygdalin, found in nuts, some vegetables, seeds, and nucleoli of fruit trees. The drug is taken intravenously or in the form of a tablet.
Amygdalin in almonds
Bones and nuts contain a large amount of amygdalin.

In folk medicine, amygdalin is known for its effects on cancer cells, but official medicine denies this fact. In the United States, such treatment of oncology was popular in the 1970s. But over time, the medical association denied the use of amygdalin, and propaganda as a cure for cancer was a criminal offense. Often the drug laetrile is mistaken for vitamin B17. In 1970, the report of Dr. Ernest Krebs-Junior, who patented this drug, argued that cancer cells begin to multiply with a deficiency of a certain vitamin, which is contained in the drug – B17. Also, that year Krebs Jr., together with his father, created a substance called “pangamic acid” or vitamin B15.

How it works

The human body divides laetrile into three substances: hydrogen cyanide (main component), benzaldehyde and prunazin. There are 4 basic theories about the action of laetrile, although so far, they have not been scientifically verified:

  • The first 2 state that cancer cells contain an enzyme that converts amygdalin to cyanide. This would mean that carcinogenic cells will kill themselves. Although it has not yet been proven that the carcinogenic cell enzymes exist in amygdalin.
  • • Following those two theories it is stated that cancer is caused by a lack of vitamin B17 in the body. But amygdalin is not naturally produced, and your body is not able to lack this vitamin.
  • The fourth theory claims that cyanide oxidizes the cancer cell, and thus kills it. But hydrogen cyanide is not able to differentiate, which means that healthy cells would also die.

Where is the amygdalin found?

First of all, in almonds and macadamia kernels. Amygdalin is also found in vegetables: carrots, celery, beans, millet, flax, buckwheat. Most of all found in the cores of apples, plums, apricots, cherries and pears.

Nuts, mushrooms, eggs, corn, peanuts, peas contain amygdalin
Vitamin B17 is found in various foods.

Advantages of amygdalin

Benefits attributed to vitamin B17:

  • Fight against oncology (a controversial opinion in official medicine);
  • Anti-inflammatory, heals wounds;
  • Slows the aging of body cells;
  • • Accelerates the metabolism;
  • Vision improvement;
  • • Eliminates the signs of stress, depression, and anxiety;
  • Skin recuperation;

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Harm of amygdalin

Cyanide is a toxic substance that can poison the body. Mixing laetrile with ascorbic acid in a large dose also leads to poisoning. Cases of overdose with amygdalin in a natural form, for example, in nuts – are not recorded.

Application of amygdalin
Apricot seeds contain vitamin B17, which is also amygdalin.
The highest content of amygdalin (B17) exists in the bones of fruit trees.

Officially, there are no recommendations for receiving amygdalin today. Traditional medicine recommends that you use no more than 30 kernels of nuts per day, but it is better to listen to the needs of your body or consult with your doctor.

Is amygdalin capable of treating cancer?

Data on studies of amygdalin is very contradictory:

  • The first study involved 178 people. The researchers concluded that the drug does not have an impressive effect on cancer cells, in addition to cyanide poisoning.
  • In the second study, 6 people took laetrile. The results showed that metastases continued to spread throughout the body.
  • There is evidence that in laboratory conditions, scientists tested the ability of laetrile to reduce the appearance of tumors, while suppressing the gene responsible for the spread of cancer cells. But unfortunately, to date, conducted studies have not yet proven that this will work on a living human body.

Laetrile is a highly controversial alternative to cancer treatment and can lead to unpleasant consequences.

But despite this, we cannot fail to note statistics from unscientific circles that suggest that the percentage of people with cancer is much smaller in countries where bones are part of the diet. For example, take India, where cancer is extremely rare. However, amygdalin in its natural form helps to prevent many other health problems, so eating it is very useful for human health.

The seeds of apples contain vitamin B17, which is also amygdalin.
The assertion that laetrile cures cancer is highly controversial, but the health benefits of vitamin B17 still come from non-commercial research.

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