Campanula. How to care for a flower

This married couple is able to cheer up in a matter of minutes without any effort. Did you know that purple flowers of campanula can contribute to good sleep, creativity, help in concentration? If not, then quickly put this “pacifier” in a prominent place: for example, near your workplace, or in the kitchen.
Campanula is one of the most popular and rather picky indoor plants belonging to the bell family. Although many can boast of such a plant in their home, it is easy to find in the wild. Distributed mainly plant in areas of southern Europe. The Mediterranean is considered the birthplace of this beautiful bell.
Campanula became known under the unusual name “bride and bridegroom“. The name of the plant was due to two similar hybrids of the same type: “Alba” – with white flowers and “Mayi” – with blue flowers. It is quite common for this plant to grow on mountain slopes and valleys. The bells begin to bloom by the end of August.

Campanula Alba Mayi

Botanical features of Campanula

Campanula blauranke
Campanula blauranke

The flower of the campanula is shaped like a cup or bell, and its color can be from snow white to deep purple. The leaves are bright and round in shape, which resemble a heart with slightly jagged edges.. Campanula blooms for a long time (from June to September). Growing a plant does not cause much trouble, because it does not require special care and grows quickly. Campanul is best grown in the summer, outdoors. And even in winter, when the day is not so long, the sun is enough for it to bloom. The most important condition for good growth and development is regular watering and good lighting. However, like all plants, it is better to avoid direct sunlight.

Campanula care in indoor conditions

Only acquired campaign does not need to be disturbed for several days. As soon as she adapts to new conditions, she must be transplanted. A drainage layer is made at the bottom of a wide pot so that the soil does not subside.

Campanula Alba
Campanula Alba

It does not take a lot of time to care for Campanula. In the summertime, the campanula is watered little by little (2 times a day, morning and evening), and periodically sprayed with infused water. The soil should remain slightly wet. In the autumn, watering must be reduced; in winter, watering occurs even less frequently. It is very important not to overdry or overfill. Use softened water at room temperature . Due to the hard water, the plant may wither. Without water, leave the campanula no more than two weeks. Comfortable air temperature for a plant is + 68 ° F … + 71 ° F. Leaflets should also be wiped to prevent dust accumulation on them.
Campanula can up to 4 months to please their flowering. In order for it to bloom as long as possible, it is necessary to remove faded flowers in time. Also, to make it look beautiful and neat, you should turn it around its axis every week. But in any case, do not rotate 180 °. It is recommended to loosen the soil from time to time. After flowering, the campanula is cut, leaving two thirds of the stem length.

Campanula reproduction at home

At home, the campanula propagates by seed, vegetative methods, and cuttings. Vegetative methods are simpler and more effective than seed. For grafting, the most favorable time is mid-autumn.

Reproduction by seeds. It is necessary to sow in early spring in cups with previously prepared moist soil, after which the seeds are sprinkled with soil. It is better to stop watering, one spraying will be enough. Leave only the strongest sprouts.


Reproduction by cuttings:

• From the bottom of the plant cut off the shoot with leaves. Leave for 10 hours in a highly dilute solution of potassium permanganate, and then place in a container with water.
• When young roots appear, they are planted in prepared soil.
• Cover with foil and irrigate once a week with settled water.


In spring and summer, fertilize campanula once a week. For this purpose, a liquid complex mineral fertilizer for flowering houseplants is used. When the cold comes, the flower is no longer fed.
Important to remember! If you take care of Campanula incorrectly or not provide it with all suitable conditions for growth – this can lead to the development of fungal diseases.
If you follow these simple rules, taking care of this plant will only be a joy. Campanula successfully complements any interior and unusually decorates the room.

Campanula gemina
Campanula gemina

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