How many plant species are there in the world? On this question you are unlikely to be able to give an exact answer. Flora is formed by centuries, but at the same time every year appear more and more kinds of various flowers, trees and shrubs. “Wonder Gardens” will help you learn about different plants, the places where they grow, and also will open for you many other useful and interesting information.


 In this subsection you can find a description of a variety of trees. Their species can not be counted, and all this diversity fulfills the main function on our planet – it cares about the purification of air from carbon dioxide. We will reveal the world of trees as it happens in all its diversity; their characteristics are given not just in an accessible, popular form, but also on the relationship of kinship. Here you can not only get acquainted with detailed information, but also learn many interesting facts about the benefits of green spaces.


  Perennial woody plants, whose height reaches 0.8-6 meters. Unlike trees they do not have the main stem in the adult state, but have several or many stems, often existing side by side and replacing each other. Having opened this subsection, you will find many kinds of shrubs, from fruit ones to decorative ones, and even poisonous ones, learn about useful properties and practical advice on the use of fruits and flowers.



  Contemplation of decorative plants, as a rule, causes a sense of beauty. This is their main purpose. In addition, many decorative plants have a practical, everyday purpose: as a hedge or hide unsightly farm buildings. Parts of some decorative plants can be used as food, as well as raw materials for medicines of traditional medicine or cosmetics. The most common types of decorative plants you can find in this category.



  Live flowers are a wonderful gift and the best decoration of the interior. In this subsection you will be able to find the most common types of potted plants, their description and the rules of care for them.





  Wild-growing grasses are plants that grow independently of man, the only limiting factor is the climate, favorable conditions for growth. In this subsection you will find a list of the most familiar and edible types of herbs, although there are many more, but these herbs are easy to find and not difficult to identify.



  To a greater or lesser degree, most plants have useful properties. However, in this section, the most widely used in folk medicine plants are collected, the medicinal properties of which the whole world knows, and are actively used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.



  In this subsection you can find interesting facts and news from the world of flora.