Chrysanthemum propagation methods

This article is devoted to all possible methods of propagation of chrysanthemum (garden and indoor). You doubt the correct care of chrysanthemum? Check out our detailed article on planting, care, pruning, and fertilizing chrysanthemums.
As you know, the most popular types of propagation of garden and indoor plants are: propagation by cuttings, sowing seeds, and division of the bush. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods will be discussed below.

Propagation of chrysanthemum by cuttings

The simplest way to propagate chrysanthemum is cuttings. This procedure is carried out only in adult plants and not lignified parts of chrysanthemum are pruned. The preparation of cuttings is carried out as follows:

Cut the side shoots from the branches, at least 10 cm high;
Remove the lower leaves;
Next, put in a container with water for rooting (you can add a “root” solution to the water for the early development of roots);
As soon as the roots reach a length of 4-5 cm – cuttings are planted several pieces in one pot. At the bottom of the pot, be sure to place a good layer of drainage for the outflow of excess water. Soil (slightly alkaline or neutral) after planting is compacted around future bushes.
Watering is carried out as the earth dries.
Also, we recommend pinching the tops of the cuttings – this is necessary to stimulate the growth of lateral shoots.
Chrysanthemums will be ready for transplanting into separate pots in 2-3 weeks.

Chrysanthemum cutings

Reproduction of chrysanthemum by dividing the bush

This method of reproduction is possible only during transplantation of an adult bush. Remove the chrysanthemum from the pot, carefully remove the lumps of earth from the roots (it is better to rinse them with infused water at room temperature). With a sharp sterilized knife, cut the chrysanthemum into several parts so that a developed root system and several stems remain on each section. The places of cuts must be treated with crushed coal. Planting slices is carried out in the usual way.

Growing Chrysanthemum from Seeds

Typically, Korean chrysanthemum hybrids are grown from seeds. Sowing is carried out in low tanks, or mini-pots for germination of any plants. The soil consists of humus and peat (1: 1), previously sterilized at high temperature (250-285 ° F). You can use the finished substrate from the store, it also needs to be sterilized. Press the seeds slightly into the substrate, moisten, and cover with a clingfilm. It is advisable to place containers with seeds in a warm room (70-77 ° F). Remove the clingfilm systematically and ventilate your seedlings (be sure to wipe the condensate). 10-15 days after sowing, the pots are transferred to a well-lit area of the room. Clingfilm for your seedlings is no longer needed. Transfer is carried out after the appearance of 4 sheet plates. Then the pots are transferred to a cooler place (62-66 ° F), and the principles for caring for chrysanthemums are the same as for adult bushes.

Chrysanthemum from seeds

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