Pineapple – body and slimming benefits. How to choose and store pineapple

Series of articles about the benefits of pineapple. In the third part, you will learn about the benefits of pineapple for weight loss, how to choose a mature pineapple in the store and how to keep it from spoiling at home. This part of the article is devoted to girls who dream about having a beautiful body and healthy skin. Take note of the information below!

Benefits of pineapple for female figure

Female breasts:

Fresh pineapple in a woman's diet
Pineapple not only favorably affects the female breast, but also stabilizes hormones.

Let’s be frank, over time, the female breasts begin to sag, and this cannot be avoided. Of course, today there are many different procedures designed to help with this problem, ranging from lipofilling to plastic surgery. But not every girl is ready to go under the surgeon’s knife, and most of the cosmetic procedures offered by beauty salons bring little effect. But, there are fruits that help in solving this problem, and pineapple falls into this category. This sweet fruit is saturated with antioxidants, and the combination of vitamin C and beta-carotene is a true rejuvenating elixir. Pineapple restores the elasticity of the skin and prevents sagging of the female breasts.

Say “goodbye” to cellulite:

Pineapple contains a bromelain substance, and in large quantities, which as it turns out, is effective not only in the treatment of sagging skin, but also removes cellulite. The most effective method is pineapple wraps.

Healthy skin:

Pineapple for skin
After the pineapple mask, the skin of the face will rejuvenate, fine wrinkles will be smoothed, and you can forget about acne for a long time.

Fresh pineapple juice treats skin inflammation. Due to the stimulation of blood circulation, the release of sebum decreases, so pineapple will be of great benefit to owners of oily skin.


It is worth noting that pineapple is the most powerful immunostimulant, which helps with colds. This exotic fruit removes excess fluid from the body, eliminates cholesterol and slag, and speeds up metabolism. Thus, if you regularly eat fresh pineapple – you lose weight. Although in combination with physical exertion – the effect will be higher.

Pineapple slimming recipe

Infusion: Slimming

Cut the tops of pineapple, peel can be left. Chop the pieces in a blender. Next, pour 500 ml of vodka along with the pineapple puree into your glassware and leave in a dark place for 7 days. At the end of the week, drain the contents of the jar. The infusion is ready. Take 1 tablespoon before each meal. Course duration – 2 weeks. A month later, you can repeat.

Recipe with pineapple for weight loss
Tinctures for weight loss work more effectively in combination with cardio exercises.

How to choose a ripe pineapple

First of all, examine its appearance – the leaves on the top should be lush and green. The color of the rind does not matter – depending on the variety, it may be brown or greenish brown. Make sure that there are no dark spots or rot on the surface. If you press, the pineapple should give in a little. Always try to choose a heavy fruit – it is much juicier. And finally, fresh fruit always smells nice.

Pineapple jam
Storing pineapple in canned form is not difficult, and the shelf life can be up to 3 years. But fresh pineapple can be kept at home no more than a month.

How to store pineapple at home

Below are the basic rules for storing pineapple:

  • Fresh pineapple can be stored no more than 20 days, otherwise it will shrink;
  • Ventilation should be good in the room;
  • Every couple of days, it is advisable to turn the pineapple, and the distance between the pineapples should be at least 10 cm (if you have purchased several fruits);
  • Peeled pineapple can be stored no more than three days.
Fresh pineapple juice
Fresh pineapple juice is an indispensable product in the diet of a modern woman.

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