Pineapple. How to grow pineapple at home

“While you eat it – he eats you!” – a series of articles about the benefits of pineapple. In the last part of the article, you will learn how to grow pineapple at home.

Planting and caring for pineapple


Pineapple tops
Step 1. Buy fresh pineapple.
Step 2. Separate the tops from the fetus.

Pineapple produces seeds, but they are not suitable for germination. As a rule, the top consisting of leaves is used. Please note, the leaves should be juicy and green. Difficulties will not arise if you have purchased fresh fruit.

The top can be unscrewed or cut with a knife with a piece of pulp. Put the cut in the water for 1-2 weeks, until the pineapple does not release the roots.

Sprouting Pineapple
Step 3. Put the topside in a glass of water. From time to time, change or add water until the pineapple has taken root.
Step 4. Carefully transplant the pineapple in the pot without damaging the roots.

Next, select the pot. For a start, you can use a small, so that the roots do not grow much. Then you need to replant the pineapple in a larger pot every year. Add some charcoal to the pot to avoid root rot. For early rooting, you can cover with polyethylene for several days. It usually takes 2 months before new leaves appear on the plant.

Pineapple in a pot
Step 5. Every year, replant the pineapple in a larger pot.
Step 6. Under favorable conditions, the pineapple will begin to bear fruit after 3 years.

An excellent location for a pineapple will be a well-ventilated place, without direct sunlight. Air temperature within 75-84 °F. In the cool pineapple will die. The plant needs moderate watering, you can add a little citric acid.
Observing all the conditions, pineapple will begin to bear fruit after 3 years.




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