Tagetes (marigolds): popular types

Tagetes, better known as Marigolds, has earned the respect of millions of gardeners around the world, not only because of their appearance, but also to the benefits for flower beds. You can meet both dwarf varieties and giants. Ease of care makes this plant even more attractive in the eyes of even beginner growers.

Common types and varieties of tagetes

  1. African Marigold (tagetes erecta)

Also, this variety is called Tagetes erecta. The height of the plant can reach 1 m. Terry inflorescences, with a diameter of up to 15 cm, are usually painted in one shade.

African Marigolds



Tagetes vanilla
Tagetes vanilla
Tagetes vanilla
Tagetes vanilla

Tagetes vanilla. White-cream terry inflorescences reach a diameter of 13 cm with a relatively low height of the bush – 60-70 cm.

Marigold antigua

Tagetes antigua. The height of the dwarf variety barely reaches 25 cm. The charm of this variety lies in large inflorescences (up to 15 cm) of various yellow shades (from lemon to saturated orange).

  1. French marigolds (tagetes patula)

Low-growing species of tagetes grow to 60 cm, and include many different varieties. Inflorescences, as a rule, are small, double or not double, with a diameter of up to 7 cm. The varieties included in the Bonanza series (tagetes patula bonanza) are considered the most popular flowers.

French tagetes

French marigold

  1. Mexican Marigold (tagetes tenuifolia)

This type of tagetes is radically different from the rest. Despite its relatively small height (40 cm), this tagetes has a powerful root system. The bushes are dotted with flowers, like fireworks in the night sky, the variety of colors is striking – from golden yellow to bright red-brown. Today, there are about 70 varieties.

Mexican marigold

Mexican tagetes

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